A private mirror of some gaming mods, since Nexusmods’ rules and ToS have changed. For the worse. All existing game assets remain the property of their publishers and yada yada. We’re only doing this for fun. #ForeverFree.

  • Garter tights – for male V

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    Converted from basegame assets but with themahat’s permission, since they originally did the female edit. The original mesh has high heels baked into it, so these had to be heavily edited to fit male V. Limited testing but they seem to work okay. These are replacers for a vest, so mind the clipping with pants, of course. Suggested… read more »

  • Knee and elbow pads for male V

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    Set of knee and elbow pads, in multiple colours and two sizes. Male V only. Female version never. I’m sure these exist in some other compilation somewhere for female V. If anyone knows, let me know and I’ll link it here. REPLACES: BORDER GUARD TACTICAL VEST Game.AddToInventory(“Items.Vest_08_old_01”, 1) Drop ONE archive file in your mod… read more »

  • Loud’s Beanie – conversion for maleV

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    Modified mesh that’s folded up a bit. Inspired by Loud’s edit. For Male V only. Uploaded with permission from the original author. Just a little mesh edit. Should affect all beanies, regardless of colour. Go to Loud’s original mod for female version. Replacer.

  • Combat Stripper outfit

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    Like it says on the tin. A strappy outfit for dudes. Chainmail bikini, let’s gooooo. Meant to be worn as a set. Latex chaps & tiny shorts, harness, goggles around the neck, Alt’s bracelets around one wrist and Kerry’s leather band on the other. Goes well with the rockerboy leather jacket, if you’re looking to… read more »