Changes for Mac and Scribbler for iPhone

Found this neat little app called Changes that allows you to compare, side-by-side and with color overlays, the differences between text documents. This seems pretty boring and useless until you realize how many damn lines are in a fanfiction or novel and how long and tedious it quickly becomes to re-read your own and proofreader’s… read more »

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iPhone OS 3.0 update

Well, it’s finally here and I’m happy to report that I for one am enjoying the changes so far. I don’t know how useful some of those features will be for me, but still, it’s a nice update. Copy and paste is a welcome, if late, addition, and I’m already using it a bit. Still… read more »

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Things 1.3.6 up in the App Store

The new version is working well for me, and syncs flawlessly with the desktop version of Things 1.1.2 The new version of Things iPhone now allows you to choose what to display on the icon badge. It does not, as far as I can tell, alow you to edit Project due dates directly; this still… read more »

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WordPress for iphone

Working again after updating my wp install to 2.7.1, which is the latest build.


Testing out the new toy…

… And its supposedly appaling camera. So far it’s really not as bad as I’d feared. Posting some wolfdog pics for your bored amusement.

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