NaNo panic 2014

In the chaos of everything that’s been happening personal side, I haven’t had time to prepare to for NaNoWriMo this year. This is, of course, a minor gripe in a small sea of unrelated things; I realize I shouldn’t dwell too much on the fact that I won’t be spending an absurd amount of time… read more »

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Snowflake method template for Scrivener 2.x

As promised, even if I’m late as hell with it. For those of you who were looking for the Snowflake scriv template, here it is. Same method applies to make a template; open the .scriv file, choose Save as Template… from the File menu and it should be available to use as a new template… read more »


Scrivener Tutorial – How I Write

I love Scrivener. If any of you have read my little comparison review of Scrivener, Storyist and Storymill, you already know this. I adore this little piece of software. Sometimes I spend time browsin’ the web, looking for other people who love Scrivener. This is sad. However, it’s allowed me to come to one shocking… read more »


NaNoWriMo 09 and various other things

I’m happy to report that I managed to finish NaNo on time; it was my first year actually trying, and I’m pretty pleased with what I accomplished. I’ve left my NaNo story aside for now. It was written pretty quickly, and I think it needs to ripen a bit before I go back to it…. read more »

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Writing Showdown: Storyist VS Storymill VS Scrivener

With the rising popularity of the Mac OS platform, a number of small developers and software companies have found niche markets for themselves; the Getting Things Done crowd, the Tweaking freaks, the App Launchers; all have their own list of best-of software titles and nifty little apps. There are so many choices now to replace… read more »


Storymill 3.2.2 and CC’s Things gets an update

I had Storymill sitting on my hard drive for the longest time and have only recentely started using it properly, the reason being, I couldn’t figure out how to keep notes and things relating to characters and whatnot. I first started using writing software with Storyist, which was easier on the eyes and came with… read more »