Droplr is the Dropbox I’ve been waiting for since forever

You know way back when when Dropbox was literally the only easy to use syncing/file sharing thing? And then everyone and their mom wanted to host our stuff in exchange for a nominal fee. I’ve reviewed SugarSync and Dropbox before and my opinion at the time was that SugarSync seemed to give me more flexibility and… read more »

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Scrivener Tutorial – How I Write

I love Scrivener. If any of you have read my little comparison review of Scrivener, Storyist and Storymill, you already know this. I adore this little piece of software. Sometimes I spend time browsin’ the web, looking for other people who love Scrivener. This is sad. However, it’s allowed me to come to one shocking… read more »


Writing Showdown: Storyist VS Storymill VS Scrivener

With the rising popularity of the Mac OS platform, a number of small developers and software companies have found niche markets for themselves; the Getting Things Done crowd, the Tweaking freaks, the App Launchers; all have their own list of best-of software titles and nifty little apps. There are so many choices now to replace… read more »


Changes for Mac and Scribbler for iPhone

Found this neat little app called Changes that allows you to compare, side-by-side and with color overlays, the differences between text documents. This seems pretty boring and useless until you realize how many damn lines are in a fanfiction or novel and how long and tedious it quickly becomes to re-read your own and proofreader’s… read more »

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SugarSync VS DropBox

Well. I’m back to the battle of Cloud Syncs. I’d been using DropBox for a good long while to sync my writing across several computers and to access my files on the go. As it happened, the lack of options and sharing support on DropBox eventually made me abandon the application completely. If you want… read more »


Macpaw’s CleanMyMac is a life (and space!) saver…

You know that new computer feel? That speed and snazzyness you only get right out of the box? Well, you can have that feeling back. Macpaw’s CleanMyMac removes logs, cache files, useless language files (yay!) and, listen to this, unnecessary universal binaries. I think I died and woke up in heaven. Mail, Safari and iLife… read more »

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