Oh, please, C&C!

To everyone who registered on the blog for On Silver Wings, feel free to post comments and criticism on any and all chapters. The -draft chapters especially, since they are chapters which haven’t yet been screened by my extremely patient and talented beta-readers. If you have ideas, please share them; if you spot errors or… read more »

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FF.net user reviews

Thanks to everyone who submitted positive reviews on On Silver Wings over at fanfiction.net. Thanks also very much to my three courageous beta readers, Freyja Vanadis, Miyakai Valentine and Ninetailedmistress. Didn’t think people would like it, but there you go. I’m glad you did.

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The Eagle and the Wren – Prologue

The day Husayn ibn Jubayr came down to Fezana, the entire Jewish quarter was aflame with rumor and conversation. Everywhere Jehane bet Ishak went that morning, people talked and babbled and gossiped at her, for they all knew that Ibn Jubayr had been a trusted friend, and a loyal confidant, of her father for many… read more »

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The Eagle and the Wren – Author’s Notes

The author has no legal right over the characters described in this work of fanfiction and makes no money from it whatsoever. I’m just having fun. Due to the fact that one of the two works used as reference in this fanfiction is apparently obscure and unknown, some explanation and basic setting are needed. This… read more »

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Discovery News vocabulary

The Discovery News website gives us a nice one today. Am I the only one to find this hilarious? “The result, at first glance, is a woman being bonked by a tree. Conti believes it represents the Tree of Life in Adam and Eve’s Garden of Eden.” Really? Read the original here.

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The Eye Goes Blind

A long walk across the sands. Brought on by a bit of a weird mood. I blame college.

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The Pregnant Flesh

Bad moods and what they do to your writing. Gory, bloody and evil.

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Pen & Paper

About memories, passing friends and loss.

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This one is hard to describe without being vulgar. About discoveries I suppose. Written ages ago.

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