NaNo panic 2014

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In the chaos of everything that’s been happening personal side, I haven’t had time to prepare to for NaNoWriMo this year. This is, of course, a minor gripe in a small sea of unrelated things; I realize I shouldn’t dwell too much on the fact that I won’t be spending an absurd amount of time slaving over a keyboard, frantically shuffling through notes and bits of prose and doggedly scrap-diving in the mountains of illegible post-its which usually litter my boudoir desk ’round this time of year.

Still. It’s a damn shame, because I should be having a ton of free time suddenly gifted to me via the magical process known as career-reorientation. Time which I could’ve spent plucking away at another novel.

And so I feel like my November won’t be complete. Any NaNo’ers out there know how to deal with a year of abstinence? I’ve skipped years here and there, but I sort of feel like now would be a good time to get back into writing and circumstances have sort of denied me the opportunity.

Of course, I could simply forego any idea of planning and just jump right into it blindly. In which case, advice, anyone?

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