Combat Stripper outfit

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Like it says on the tin. A strappy outfit for dudes. Chainmail bikini, let’s gooooo.

Meant to be worn as a set. Latex chaps & tiny shorts, harness, goggles around the neck, Alt’s bracelets around one wrist and Kerry’s leather band on the other. Goes well with the rockerboy leather jacket, if you’re looking to complete the look. Should work with all boots/shoes but only tested on a few. Accessories not visible in first person.

Male V only, for now and forever. Most of these meshes already exist elsewhere for fem V. Not taking colour requests at the moment but I might add a few more swatches in the future. Possibly when editing .mlsetup files isn’t such a goddamn pain.

The chaps currently come only in black, with choice of silver sequin, gold or black shorts. The harness comes in graffiti (because it’s adorably loud and ridiculous) with dark hardware and black plastic with brushed alu hardware. No colour options for the bracelets & goggles for now.

Accessories set – replaces holo visor

Latex chaps – replaces athletic shorts

Harness – replaces torn t-shirt
Game.AddToInventory(“Items.TShirt_05_old_01”, 1)

All in one - item IDs included

  • Date uploaded
    Monday, July 05 2021
  • File size
    4.10 MB

All in one package with all colour options. One accessories file, two harness files, three chaps files. Pick only ONE harness and ONE chaps file.


Accessories set without the goggles

  • Date uploaded
    Monday, July 05 2021
  • File size
    1.34 MB

Had this one lying around from a previous attempt. The bracelets only, no goggles. For those of you who don't want to be stinky nomads. Replaces the same item as the main one, the holo visor.



  1. Noah says:

    fuck it thats amazing! I’ll jump right back in oh boyyyyyyyyy

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