What have I been up to and where did the site theme run off to?

This is rather an easy question to answer; I’ve mostly been busy building websites for other people, and so maintaining this one in my free time seemed like, well, work. And so I neglected it, sadly. (Also, tumblr had been eating a lot of my free time, to be honest. Happily, that ship has sailed… read more »

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Bye bye IE6!

Hope none of you are using it, because I’ve just added a bit of conditional comment magic to my header that makes Internet Explorer users who are browsing with versions older than 6.0 totally crash. I’ve just spent an afternoon of work coding a website in spunky, clean XHTML & CSS 3 and the whole… read more »

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It’s friday & I’m exhausted…

Too early to tell but I anticipate getting drunk to celebrate the weekend. Here’s a shot of Dany looking anxious for the holidays.


Bitch, whine, moan.

Something wrong with the project structure at work. No nitpicking here. With Doum gone and everything else shot to hell, we can’t afford production delays and mistakes simply on account of having several people not quite at ease and happy with their roles. There ain’t no such thing as the perfect job. There are a… read more »

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Long weekend on the horizon

Although the head has gone and promised us a four-day weekend, I doubt we can afford the luxury. There are so many projects started I barely know where to begin. Dany is definitely starting to crack on us and it’s making even Jo nervous. If Dany goes, we lose the only person who has both… read more »

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Design kills

Perhaps I’m just not cut out for this job. Perhaps I’m just being a whiny, self-centered bitch. P’rhaps I’m crazy.. … But this job is hell. Anyone else feels like an ulcer, heart attack and early retirement?

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Feeling blue…

This is by way of being doum’s last day with us at the agency. Feels weird to think he won’t be there anymore; he was already a staple when I arrived some two years back. We promised to keep in touch, although everyone knows how such intentions usually turn out. You’d think, what with all… read more »

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