What have I been up to and where did the site theme run off to?

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This is rather an easy question to answer; I’ve mostly been busy building websites for other people, and so maintaining this one in my free time seemed like, well, work. And so I neglected it, sadly. (Also, tumblr had been eating a lot of my free time, to be honest. Happily, that ship has sailed due to personal disagreements with the general populace of the site. Ideologies. Things can get weirdly heated over there, and I’ve passed the age of picking fights with strangers on the Interwebs.)

In any case, I’m backposting some stuff I’d saved as drafts over the time I’ve been slaving away over CSS files for money. I’ve also done some streamlining of the content; the doodles and most of the writing have been taken down, since nearly all of it is available in other, more appropriate places such as DevArt and AO3. If any of you guys want links, feel free to message me using the contact form. In that vein, apologies to anyone I might have missed who sent me questions via email; I should be more easily reachable now.

As for the design change, the last theme was one I’d bought from themeforest quite some time ago (modded a bit to suit) and since WordPress major updates tend to change a lot of things under the hood, it got really broken really quickly when I started updating. Besides, there was altogether way too much guff and pointless eye candy around the place. This design is a whole lot less cluttered, much easier to maintain, and, coincidentally, solid as nails.

Here’s to hoping I don’t spend quite so long away again.

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