Assassin’s Creed 1 and 2: Great, big, awesome posters

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I couldn’t resist; there are so many lovely hi-res images out there of both of our favorite assassins, it was simply too easy to mock up two gi-normous posters featuring Altaïr and Ezio. These aren’t printed yet, and I’ll post an update to show you what they look like in my, ahem, boudoir, which is to say, the spare room on the second floor of my house where I spend most of my weeknights writing.

Update: They are printed, and lovely and much bigger than I’d anticipated. Standing up, I reach just a little over the line between the green and white wall painting. So they’re huge. But oh so lovely and dark and rogue-ish. Mrr. Also, I only have one measly little window in my boudoir and when it gets dark (as it so often does in winter now…) all I can see are the hoods and vague menacing faces of my fave assassins; they’re actually a little scary in the dark.

Two bad-asses playing wall scrolls.

Two bad-asses playing wall scrolls.

They are 36 inches wide and 48 inches high, and I managed to output them both at 150dpi without anything getting too grainy. I’m betting the large format inkjet printing will add enough texture and grain to offset any stray jpeg compression from the original images.

Assassin's Creed Poster - Featuring Altaïr ... Mrrr.

Assassin’s Creed Poster – Featuring Altaïr … Mrrr.

Altaïr gets a blue-ish poster, in keeping with the original game’s colour scheme. I modified the image somewhat; if you can find the original out there, you’ll see that I tweaked the character’s hood to better fit the angle of his face. The original just looked freaking weird. I also added some depth and width to his chest, because I can. :P

Assassin's Creed 2 Poster - Featuring Ezio ... Double Mrrr.

Assassin’s Creed 2 Poster – Featuring Ezio … Double Mrrr.

Ezio gets a lovely, pretty much unaltered image in red, which I used in part to tweak the Altaïr image so they would look more similar. Redid both logos in vector, because I simply couldn’t find them in a big enough resolution. Both files are pretty big (around 100 mb each), even flattened and rasterized.

Update: There have been quite a few requests for the large .psd files for these two. Seeing as how I’m so cool and all, I’ll be sharing these files directly here instead of asking you to send me an email. These are accessible through my public folder. The only thing I ask you guys is to please send me piccies of the posters on your wall so I can add them here.
EDIT October 2014: Well, these things have been down for a while, since Apple closed down iDisk. Have some Droplr links instead. (We’ll talk about what Droplr is in a bit, I promise.)

Watch out though, they are both around 100mb each, so it might take a while, depending on your connection speed. Have fun!

Brought to you by the awful, awful lack of decent Assassin’s Creed posters out there. Ubisoft is having a contest and giving away one with Ezio and the AC2 logo, but I couldn’t find -anywhere- where I could fork over some dough and get one of my own. Even Ubi’s own online shop carries nothing of the sort. Well. Screw that, and please don’t sue me; I’m making no money from these posters.


  1. download says:

    How to add this to my RSS reader? Sorry I’m a novice :(

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    don’t quit and keep creating since it simply well worth to follow it.
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  3. invria says:


    So, I was looking for big, awesome posters because I’m in love with this game and I came across this site.

    Where did you print them? Was it expensive?

    thank you x

    • roelani says:

      My boy works at a print shop (Signarama, actually, there’s probably one near you, they’re all over the place), so the price I got is likely not the one you’ll get. ;P Ended up paying a little over 30 bucks for both, which is a steal for posters this size.

      They were printed on thick, plastic stock, something like vinyl advertisement panels, but you could just as well get them printed on good quality glossy/semi-matte paper stock. Just make sure it’s thick paper, because at that size, there’s a real danger you’ll get creases just hanging them up. We glued rigid plastic bars to the top and bottom and glued little hooks into the top one, which made it easy to hang them.

      Hope this helps ;) If you do print ’em out, remember to send me a snapshot of the boys in their new home.

  4. tengandco says:

    I’ve spent so much time trying to find posters for these games & I haven’t been able to find any. You can’t imagine how ecstatic I was to find this post. I just downloaded Altair’s poster, but it seems like I can’t download Ezio’s poster.

    Would you be able to reupload Ezio’s poster? I & the bland walls in my room would very much appreciate it if you did. =]

    Thanks for your work! This is amazing.

  5. EiAdtr says:

    Hi mate, I’ve been searching everywhere for a quality Ezio poster from AC2 and have found nothing. Imagine my delight when i stumbled across your site and the treasures it held. Then imagine my disappointment when my attempt to download the file came up with the message “mobile me closed”. I don’t know what’s wrong but i would greatly appreciate it if you somehow led me through downloading the image. Please.

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