It’s friday & I’m exhausted…

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Too early to tell but I anticipate getting drunk to celebrate the weekend. Here’s a shot of Dany looking anxious for the holidays.

You can almost taste the excitement


  1. danystonge says:

    Did you saw this fatty arm ???
    Call me granny dude!

    Finaly been drunk on friday evening ?

  2. roelani says:

    Nope, but I’ve been drinking wine since then, so I supposed that must count as -something-, Granny.

  3. Dom says:

    And what if you join us for a martini cigar next Friday?
    Granny and I are suppose to talk “philosophy” at the cigar lounge on Grande-Allée… You’re welcome, roelani, if you want…
    Viva Las vegas? No! Viva martini… Viva cigar… Viva philosophy… Viva life and crazy friendz as you both are, you dudes! See y’a ; )

  4. Dom says:

    And by the way, Grany, (or roelani…) how did you get your picture as thumbnail? I don’t have this option in my profile?

  5. danystonge says:

    I’ll talk about next friday night with the girl tomorrow ! It could be nice to get all of us between a big cigar and an awesome martini, trying to talk about philosophy (I still remember to put my hemp clothes on) !!

    By the way, I get my gravatar by subscribe myself for my own blog !

    As visitor, don’t you have any costumizing settings ?

  6. roelani says:

    Doum, visit & suscribe with the email you’re using here.

    Apparently this girl will get a talking to so I’ll keep you posted, but cigars, a martini and talking nonsense sounds good :)

  7. Dom says:

    Got it!!!

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