• Arh, GTD is kicking my ass!

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    So I’m back to Things and Things for iPhone. Go figure. OmniFocus works great, but it’s a bit of an overkill for me; I don’t have to juggle with that many projects, and keeping the database up-to-date was eating up way too much of my time to be called productive. The Things interface, which was… read more »

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  • Bye bye IE6!

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    Hope none of you are using it, because I’ve just added a bit of conditional comment magic to my header that makes Internet Explorer users who are browsing with versions older than 6.0 totally crash. I’ve just spent an afternoon of work coding a website in spunky, clean XHTML & CSS 3 and the whole… read more »

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  • OmniFocus + ToodleDo Account + OFTD sync + Ultimate ToDos iPhone App

    | Technology | 14 comments

    … The above is the winning combination for now. I backed out of buying the OmniFocus iPhone App because of the price tag, and so I have to play the extremely complex Pass-the-Sync-Data game with various apps, scripts and servers. OmniFocus handles the actual jotting down of my thoughts and does this quite well. I… read more »

  • Damn…

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    And here I thought that the Toodledo web-app might do the job. I guess I was wrong, because we spent the better part of today trying to find a way to properly sync our tasks at work. I found a pretty good app-combination I can use to reasonably keep track of my projects and time,… read more »

  • MacJournal app seems to work pretty well…

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    And on a completely unrelated note, I just can’t get enough of the blendtec channel and microwave experiments posts on youtube. It’s what makes life worth living. Am still searching for that elusive frozen beer in microwave video where the microwave disintegrates.

  • Testing macjournal

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    What the hell is a topic anyway, and will it insert itself in the title field? Questions, questions.

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  • Update on my osx86 experiments

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    So I ended up scrapping the whole project in favor of buying the real thing. Doesn’t mean I didn’t learn anything. First important lesson: IDE drives are absurdly poorly supported. Install went smooth as anything on the desktop system, with SSE2-enabled chipset and SATA DVD and hard drives. On the laptop, no such luck. Older… read more »

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  • Success!

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    Marh! I have OSx86 running natively on my old box of a PC, with leopard 10.5.5 chugging along nicely. Despite a few ATI glitches, it’s actually faster than my old XP install (which the boy bricked last night with some virus). … This is even more satisfying than my first successful ubuntu boot. Meep.

  • Testing remote publishing

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    Well. So far so good. This should help with the updating. Unfortunately, it’s slow as hell. We’ll see if I ever manage to gain some dexterity. Wonder if I can post links to piccy drafts from this thing?