OmniFocus + ToodleDo Account + OFTD sync + Ultimate ToDos iPhone App

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… The above is the winning combination for now. I backed out of buying the OmniFocus iPhone App because of the price tag, and so I have to play the extremely complex Pass-the-Sync-Data game with various apps, scripts and servers.

OmniFocus handles the actual jotting down of my thoughts and does this quite well. I actually prefer it now over Cultured Code’s Things, after a bit of visual tweaking on my part. It’s extremely stable and very well thought out.

The ToodleDo account handles the server side of things, by hosting all of my Todos on its servers and allowing third party apps to sync to its API. Which is just what OFTD sync does, very well and very simply. After that, it was just a matter of downloading the Ultimate Todos App from the App Store (which I actually got for free because I’d downloaded a really old version months ago) and ta-da! ToodleDo sync on the iPhone imports all of my OmniFocus data, 2-way.

It works for now. When TheHitList from Potion Factory releases its accompanying iPhone App, I’ll probably switch. HitList has nearly everything OmniFocus does well with the added bonus of looking bloody gorgeous in the process. I can’t wait to see which way they go for their iPhone App.

In the meantime, this rather convoluted setup will have to do.


  1. Grant Caley says:

    Hi there, I’ve been trying to find the OFTD script, do you know where it’s located nowadays, the google site it was on doesn’t have the file.


  2. Anthony DeCrescenzo says:

    +1 for the location of the script. Seems to be among the missing and would be GREATLY appreciated. Surely there’s no shortage of folks out there who *have* it. Any possibility of posting it? TIA.

    • roelani says:

      Sorry for delays in replying; someone else has requested this by email, and I couldn’t seem to find it again. As I told this commenter, the google code page seems to be dead, and the project abandoned.

      I think perhaps some sort of workaround could be hacked using CalDAV; I’m sorry, but I ended up caving exactly because of these nagging problems, and I just went and switched systems. Haven’t used ToodleDo in a while either, so even there the features could have changed drastically.

  3. Anthony DeCrescenzo says:

    Hey, thanks for the quick reply.

    If you still have the script I would much rather tinker with that code than try to start something from scratch. A copy, even an old one, would still be great. If you can.

  4. Keith says:

    The OFTD script was abandoned almost two years ago when OmniFocus was released for the iPhone. If I recall correctly, the developer had written the script as a workaround to sync with mobile devices (since Toodledo was a good platform for it), but once OF became available on the iPhone, he/she ceased support for it.

    I had used the OFTD script for a while simply to sync with Toodledo as the “bridge” between the Mac world and the PC/Microsoft Outlook world (I synced Outlook and Toodledo using the Chromatic Dragon freeware). I had a OmniFocus Toodledo Microsoft Outlook setup that was beautiful; I could access, organize, and modify my tasks from OF on my Mac at home, on Outlook at my PC at work, and on any mobile device using either OF or Toodledo for iPhone.

    Unfortunately, a little over a year ago, a software update on Omnifocus broke the script (which was bound to happen sooner or later). While I think OF is the hands-down best GTD app out there, I couldn’t continue using it since I rely so heavily on MS Outlook at work. I have since stopped using OF altogether, and I just use Toodledo + Outlook. It works okay, but I definitely miss OF!

    I have left several posts on Omnifocus forums to ask if they would pick up responsibility for the script or implement their own interface to Toodledo (or anything else that MS Outlook can use for that matter). Unfortunately they are too pro-Mac to do anything of the sort. Bottom line: if you only use Apple devices for everything (Macs, iPhones, iPads) then OF will support your GTD needs 100%. However, if you use anything non-Mac (PCs, Blackberrys, etc) then you will not be able to have a complete sync solution at the moment — in that case I recommend Toodledo.

    Omnifocus has an AppleScript API as well as support for WebDAV. Those are two “hooks” for which anyone can develop an interface to Toodledo or another application. However, it would take some research, development, and maintenance to keep up with OF updates (which are quite frequent). I have considered developing something myself, but I don’t have the time, discipline, or smarts to do it. I’ve always said that I’d gladly pay a premium price for it if someone would develop it though! I’d even donate a substantial amount for anyone who develops and maintains a freeware version.

    Any takers??? :)

    • roelani says:

      Hi Keith!

      I thought as much; the project seemed pretty dead in the water. If some changes over on the OF side of things occurred and the script couldn’t cope, that means there’s pretty much no hope left. I feel your pain, by the way, about proper OTA sync across different devices.

      I don’t have the Windows/Outlook problems since I work on a Mac at work, but I still gripe and bitch and whine every time I’m forced to sync over LAN. (Actually, scratch that, I -never- bother to sync anymore. I switched to Things some time ago for my GTD needs, and while I absolutely adore it for entering stuff in, managing projects and due dates and repeating tasks and all that jazz… Lack of OTA sync has been driving me nuts.)

      As for hooking into the AppleScript/WebDAV sexy funtimes with Omnifocus, I think you might want to head on over to a freelancing site and pitch it around; personally I think the amount of work involved in simply maintaining the thing would make it pretty time-consuming.

  5. mitnworb says:

    Hey roelani. I am hoping you can help me. I am having a very hard time finding the OFTD Sync script. It seems to have been removed from the Google Groups page. Do you still have a copy of it? Feel free to e-mail me directly it need be. Thanks in advance.

    – Tim

  6. Adrian says:

    I have been looking for this script too. Chris / Christine, I’d love it if you could pass it on to me. Thanks.

  7. John says:

    Did someone say they had the script? If so would appreciate a copy… J

  8. Pete says:

    I’m also looking for a copy; I’ve emailed Preston to ask about his offer to open license it and maybe he could send a copy, but I’m not sure he’d have kept it. I’d like to resurrect it for real, if I can learn enough of the two APIs to get them to play nice.

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