Arh, GTD is kicking my ass!

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So I’m back to Things and Things for iPhone. Go figure. OmniFocus works great, but it’s a bit of an overkill for me; I don’t have to juggle with that many projects, and keeping the database up-to-date was eating up way too much of my time to be called productive.

The Things interface, which was what first drew me to it, feels a lot simpler and sleeker, and that alone, combined with the minimalist UI, allows me to pick-and-choose what I actually want to read. I at first fell in love with OmniFocus’ Perspectives, but then I realized Perspectives were, to me at least, really just a shortcut to simplify an overly complicated program.

Still, during my experiments with OmniFocus, I made a Theme, which I make available here, should you decide to use it.

Wordinprogress OFocus Theme

Wordinprogress OFocus Theme


  1. Dom says:

    I’m just writing something here because you’re so out of comments since the four last thing posted on this blog that I took you in pity. You’re so geek you can’t even realize how much you’re geek (and this is a so positive comment, trust me!). Anyway… didn’t undertood a word of what you’re talking about since a week or two, but sounds great, so Keep on goin’! The best geek philosophy should be : “when no one understand, you’re close to it, so just keep on goin’! blah!

  2. Very nice website!! I like it…

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