• Changes for Mac and Scribbler for iPhone

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    Found this neat little app called Changes that allows you to compare, side-by-side and with color overlays, the differences between text documents. This seems pretty boring and useless until you realize how many damn lines are in a fanfiction or novel and how long and tedious it quickly becomes to re-read your own and proofreader’s… read more »

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  • SugarSync VS DropBox

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    Well. I’m back to the battle of Cloud Syncs. I’d been using DropBox for a good long while to sync my writing across several computers and to access my files on the go. As it happened, the lack of options and sharing support on DropBox eventually made me abandon the application completely. If you want… read more »

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  • Managing your eczema

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    I’m a graphic designer. Therefore, I’m addicted to coffee and I suffer from mild eczema; I personally think it comes with the job, although they definitely don’t warn you in college. If you’re like me (that is, you live in a country where healthcare is free…), you’ve been to see more dermatologists than you care… read more »


  • Macpaw’s CleanMyMac is a life (and space!) saver…

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    You know that new computer feel? That speed and snazzyness you only get right out of the box? Well, you can have that feeling back. Macpaw’s CleanMyMac removes logs, cache files, useless language files (yay!) and, listen to this, unnecessary universal binaries. I think I died and woke up in heaven. Mail, Safari and iLife… read more »

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  • There comes a time…

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    … in every geek’s life when they realize they have reached a level of happiness and contentment that rivals each and everyone of their wildest dreams and expectations. I give you: Robot Chicken Star Wars Clips. If this doesn’t make your day, you’re either dead or dying or both.

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  • Assassin’s Creed 2 organizational wallpaper

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    I was bored, and, upon visiting the July archive of Smashing Magazine’s wallpaper offerings section, I found a nice organizational wallpaper called Room, which hit home for me. I love my icons, I adore my desktop, and I realized here was a nice way to keep them both happy. Icons and files have a way… read more »

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  • FF.net user reviews

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    Thanks to everyone who submitted positive reviews on On Silver Wings over at fanfiction.net. Thanks also very much to my three courageous beta readers, Freyja Vanadis, Miyakai Valentine and Ninetailedmistress. Didn’t think people would like it, but there you go. I’m glad you did.

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  • The Eagle and the Wren – Prologue

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    The day Husayn ibn Jubayr came down to Fezana, the entire Jewish quarter was aflame with rumor and conversation. Everywhere Jehane bet Ishak went that morning, people talked and babbled and gossiped at her, for they all knew that Ibn Jubayr had been a trusted friend, and a loyal confidant, of her father for many… read more »

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  • The Eagle and the Wren – Author’s Notes

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    The author has no legal right over the characters described in this work of fanfiction and makes no money from it whatsoever. I’m just having fun. Due to the fact that one of the two works used as reference in this fanfiction is apparently obscure and unknown, some explanation and basic setting are needed. This… read more »

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  • Comments open!

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    Anyone who feels like throwing some (constructive please) criticism my way on either On Silver Wings or The Eagle and the Wren can now do so without having to register for a subscriber account on wordinprogress.com. I currently have a few beta reading friends over at FF.net who are helping out, but any and all… read more »