Assassin’s Creed 2 organizational wallpaper

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I was bored, and, upon visiting the July archive of Smashing Magazine’s wallpaper offerings section, I found a nice organizational wallpaper called Room, which hit home for me. I love my icons, I adore my desktop, and I realized here was a nice way to keep them both happy. Icons and files have a way of creeping up on my desktop totally unannounced.

Now, everyone has a comfortable spot by the wallpaper. I think I might stick with this design for a while, and change calendars and background image as the months go by.

July brings Shmexy back

July brings Shmexy back

July’s offering features Assassin’s Creed 2’s very shmexy Ezio, because I like hype. Also, keeps me slightly focused on Eagle and the Wren which you can see sitting there, in its own little spotlit area. Available ONLY in 1440X900 and 1280X800 because I said so.

Edit: I only just realized the wallpaper as-is would only be useful for writers because of that blue post-it. So I’ve added the .psd file (zipped, but still 21mb, so download at your own peril!) for the rest of you. Download it below.

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