Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • A whole truckload of random wallpapers

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    (Yes, I’ve made a Sriracha wallpaper. We should all have one.) Here then is a bunch of large wallpapers for your use. Most of them made to try and make my work area a little geekier and less serious. Only one resolution available for now, as in, mostly huge (2560 X 1440), but I might come back… read more »

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  • What have I been up to and where did the site theme run off to?

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    This is rather an easy question to answer; I’ve mostly been busy building websites for other people, and so maintaining this one in my free time seemed like, well, work. And so I neglected it, sadly. (Also, tumblr had been eating a lot of my free time, to be honest. Happily, that ship has sailed… read more »

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