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Well. Some of you may have noticed some awful downtime recently. Wordinprogress will soon be moving to laughingsquid webhosting in an attempt to stabilize uptime. Expect a few hiccups on the way, but hopefully this will resolve any lag and/or caching issues, and prevent any further server hiccups.

I’m not too happy about lugging this whole database with me, but there you go. SQL-import, here I come. I toyed with the idea of opening up a Cloud Server over on Rackspace, but the sheer resources I suspect I would need would make this little blog financially unstable.

EDIT: Apparently, I require too much functionality for this to be an option. Woe is me, I seem to be stuck here.

Keep yourselves posted for more updates on the move as it happens.

Much love,



  1. Hi. I came across your website today while researching how to get Sugarsync to auto-sync my Scrivener projects…turns out it isn’t as easy as I’d hoped.

    Anyway, when I read this post, I thought I should let you know about a new website + hosting service I just soft-launched. You can read all about it in the website link I included.

    Also, you might enjoy some of the things I have in store on my Wordslinger blog. I think some of the material will overlap with kind of stuff you post here (which I’m really enjoying so far).

    Keep up the good work. And let me know if you have any questions that I can help you with.

    • roelani says:

      Your hosting service looks very sweet! :) Thanks for the heads up.

      As for Scrivener syncing, I think all my needs were met with the new Scriv 2.0 Synced Folder setup and the also very awesome “Backup to Dropbox (zip)” option.

      Scriv 2.0 is, seriously, the bee’s knees, the wasp’s elbows and overall any articulation of the insect of your choice.

      • I didn’t realize 2.0 was out, but I definitely check out it out before work on my novel tonight. Thanks for the heads up!

        If you’d like to do a review here on wordinprogress of Write Click Hosting, let me know. I’d be happy to provide you with a free trial or something to let you evaluate it. And, if you’d like to move your blog to the platform, I’m glad to assist you in getting everything moved and operational.

        Let me know. Good luck with your writing.

  2. roelani says:

    Gosh, aren’t you the nicest thing ever ;)

    I’ll definitely take you up on that offer. I got your email addy when you commented (although it’s not displayed on the front end, for privacy reasons) so you can expect to hear from me again. Lovely site you have, by the way. I visited it this afternoon and have a few questions, but the service looks nice.

    If you haven’t checked out Scrivener 2.0, you should definitely do so; it’s like Scriv on steroids, and every bit as awesome as it should be. There’s some measure of incompatibility between 1.x and 2.0 scriv files though, so be sure to back up any work previously done on your writing before upgrading. Otherwise the two versions play well together and can actually sit independantly on your machine while you test it out.

    Also good luck on your stuff, if you’re a NaNo-er. November is just so hectic. ;)

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