Storymill 3.2.2 and CC’s Things gets an update

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I had Storymill sitting on my hard drive for the longest time and have only recentely started using it properly, the reason being, I couldn’t figure out how to keep notes and things relating to characters and whatnot. I first started using writing software with Storyist, which was easier on the eyes and came with some pre-made templates for characters and locations.

Storymill 3.2.2

Storymill 3.2.2

Storyist, however, was unstable and lacking in many of the features I needed. So I switched. So far, Storymill is doing the job very well. It has full-screen support, and with a few tweaks to the snowflake method template, I’ve managed to build myself a pretty much fool-proof starter pack.

When I get my ass back home, I’ll empty out what I’ve written so far in one of my projects and upload an empty template which you guys can use to get started. I intend to try my hand at NaNoWriMo this year, so I still have the summer to get used to the software.

In a completely unrelated sidenote, an update to CC’s Things is coming up soon! Rejoice!


  1. Dom says:

    Wow! A full month without new comments… Looks like you pass a lot of time on Storymill ;0)

  2. roelani says:

    Aaah, if only that were true! I’ve been neglecting everything; fromfanfiction to original stories, all the way up to and including this blog, my twitter account and my garden. Got lots on my mind and it’s starting to take its toll.

    Thank god for 3G, I only keep up on my online life while on the bus! :)

    When are we having cigars and a Guinness?

  3. Dom says:

    As soon as you say “now”!
    What about Friday?

  4. roelani says:

    Well, I’m game, but Dany & Annick are in Montreal this friday. D’you want we should wait for them? D’be only polite, really :P

  5. Dom says:

    Well… If we are just two, we should probably wait for next time, then. Keep me posted for next friday or the other one after. Take care ’till then. See y’a!

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