Prince of Persia wallpaper

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Lovely watercolor style. Also, biceps.

Lovely watercolor style. Also, biceps.

Slightly adapted from the official artwork, where we see entirely too much of Elika for my taste. Love the character to death of course, you can never have enough strong female leads. But, really, hello biceps.

P.S. I realize I’ve been neglecting this blog. There’s been PoP, the new puter, the family gatherings, and the incessant holiday drunken binges. I’ve been busy. I swear I’ll be coming back in full blazing bitching glory after the holidays.


  1. Dom says:

    What was I saying… ; )

  2. roelani says:

    I am so not responsible for the awesome Ubisoft art. All I did was blur Elika a bit, as she was detracting from the extreme coolness of the Prince, being all moody and handsome. :P Added logo, cropped to mac resolution and voila. The earlier FF7 wallp was photoshop work, also not my artwork. You’re way overestimating me, there. :D

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