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Definite lack of energy being the main problem here. I haven’t even opened any of my files at home. I have one fanfic sitting unfinished and unpolished on my hard drive and one entire novel swirling around in my head. That one’s been there for months. I’m starting to feel like it’s moved in on me.

With Doum gone and away under richer skies, there is nobody around I can discuss books with. The new writer might be cool to bounce ideas on, but I’m scared what might happen if I make him laugh. Hyenas might be subtler in an office.


  1. Dom says:

    Hey! what about our own book club! Why not? Oprah has one? Why couldn’t we? Start a new book section in this blog! That’s positive!

  2. roelani says:

    I agree. Let me see if I can’t start first…

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