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… by Doum’s (sorry, I just can’t leave out that ‘u’ there..) idea of a book club, I’ve decided to give this a spin. However, the series of novels I’m currently devouring, I already know by heart and have read several times. I don’t know, but I think the idea of a book club is to discover new stuff. I shall then wait until I finish the book I’m currently reading and start something new before posting criticism.

So then, instead of book club posting #1, this is music discovery of the week. I already adore all of Loreena McKennitt’s work, but this little gem is the newest addition to my collection, and the loveliest live album I’ve heard in years. It makes for an interesting best of, spanning most of her career, through her more celtic roots and all the way to her eastern-inspired lovelies, with a definite Hossam Ramzy feel to some of the songs. Don’t know if he plays on this, I’ll have to check.

Favorite song in ever: Marco Polo. Oh damn, we’re not in Kansas anymore.


  1. Dom says:

    Didn’t read that Goodkind yet… even the last Kay you let me, but I’m sure they’re both good, ’cause this CD of Loreena McKennitt’s sounds great. And if you want to read new cool stuff, try Marie Jakober, a Canadian from Alberta that certainly knows how to write… I’m sure you’ll like Even the stone. A reading that worth it, I swear.

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