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  • Damn…

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    And here I thought that the Toodledo web-app might do the job. I guess I was wrong, because we spent the better part of today trying to find a way to properly sync our tasks at work. I found a pretty good app-combination I can use to reasonably keep track of my projects and time,… read more »

  • Finally!

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    Found a task management app that is free, ad-free, allows us to share and collaborate and features a calendar as well as iPhone syncing. Take that, collabox!

  • It’s friday & I’m exhausted…

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    Too early to tell but I anticipate getting drunk to celebrate the weekend. Here’s a shot of Dany looking anxious for the holidays.


  • Work, work, work, give up

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    Can’t help but wonder if its the same in every damned ad agency in the world or if I’m simply ridiculously unlucky and just way too patient. Keep returning to that age-old feeling that I’m just not meant for his job. Where the hell is that cozy little underground bookshop I keep dreaming about?


  • Breaking the secret dawn…

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    I know I shouldn’t bitch about it. It’s like harry potter and all the rest of the mainstream crap: it gets people reading. But, really, seeing all those damned bestsellers everywhere makes my blood boil. Is a real book truly that bloody harder to read than this predigested mash of a nightmare? Blah. Going up… read more »


  • Testing out the new toy…

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    … And its supposedly appaling camera. So far it’s really not as bad as I’d feared. Posting some wolfdog pics for your bored amusement.


  • Oh my god

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    I am so hopeless. Blah.

  • Pyramid head…

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    Pyramid head has been making my life damned gory these days. This lovely wallpaper brought to you by the number 13 and the letter DEATH. Have fun!

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