• Snowflake method template update for Scrivener 3.x

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    So apparently the format has changed a whole huggy bunch, and some of y’all were requesting a new version, compatible with Scriv 3.x. Here it is. Enjoy, my lovelies:

  • NaNo panic 2014

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    In the chaos of everything that’s been happening personal side, I haven’t had time to prepare to for NaNoWriMo this year. This is, of course, a minor gripe in a small sea of unrelated things; I realize I shouldn’t dwell too much on the fact that I won’t be spending an absurd amount of time… read more »

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  • A sass mixin for incremental changes!

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    I looked all over for something like this, before finally stumbling upon a stackoverflow post with an example SASS style. Sadly, it didn’t seem to work for me, so I tweaked it, made a mixin out of it, and voilà! This thing is customizable up to a point, and pretty handy to achieve some nifty automagic… read more »

  • Droplr is the Dropbox I’ve been waiting for since forever

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    You know way back when when Dropbox was literally the only easy to use syncing/file sharing thing? And then everyone and their mom wanted to host our stuff in exchange for a nominal fee. I’ve reviewed SugarSync and Dropbox before and my opinion at the time was that SugarSync seemed to give me more flexibility and… read more »

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  • A whole truckload of random wallpapers

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    (Yes, I’ve made a Sriracha wallpaper. We should all have one.) Here then is a bunch of large wallpapers for your use. Most of them made to try and make my work area a little geekier and less serious. Only one resolution available for now, as in, mostly huge (2560 X 1440), but I might come back… read more »

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  • What have I been up to and where did the site theme run off to?

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    This is rather an easy question to answer; I’ve mostly been busy building websites for other people, and so maintaining this one in my free time seemed like, well, work. And so I neglected it, sadly. (Also, tumblr had been eating a lot of my free time, to be honest. Happily, that ship has sailed… read more »

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  • Snowflake method template for Scrivener 2.x

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    As promised, even if I’m late as hell with it. For those of you who were looking for the Snowflake scriv template, here it is. Same method applies to make a template; open the .scriv file, choose Save as Template… from the File menu and it should be available to use as a new template… read more »

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  • WiP site move complete.

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    Finally, I’ve managed to find a host that seems reliable, has friendly customer support, doesn’t crash and burn every two days and has better response time than my old iWeb host. Everything should be pretty well moved by now; if you find any broken links, feel free to report them. Curious about the new host?… read more »

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  • Shortcodes and plugins, oh my!

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    It seems that everyone’s adding some shortcode functionality to WordPress these days. Not one to be left behind, I’ve collected some nifty CSS styles over the time I’ve had this blog and I’ve mashed them all up into one very handy WordPress plugin, which I use to create some lovely button and blockquote styles. Shortcodes… read more »

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  • WiP major server bust and update

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    Well. Some of you may have noticed some awful downtime recently. Wordinprogress will soon be moving to laughingsquid webhosting in an attempt to stabilize uptime. Expect a few hiccups on the way, but hopefully this will resolve any lag and/or caching issues, and prevent any further server hiccups. I’m not too happy about lugging this… read more »

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